Frequently Asked Questions
About Assisted Living Homes For Seniors


Q. What is an Assisted Living Facility or Care Home?
A. Assisted living homes provide a variety of services for seniors who need assistance with the activities of daily life (ADL's). Care Homes for Elderly are non medical facilities and cater to seniors that do not require constant nursing care. Different categories of assisted living allow facilities to serve residents with specialized needs such as hospice and dementia care. In addition to long term care an assisted living facility can also serve as a respite care for short term rehabilitation from a stroke or fall. Respite care can also be used to provide care givers a brief break for medical or personal reasons.

Q. What are the admission requirements and procedures?
A. To be a resident our staff must first do an assessment of the seniors health to be sure that we can care for him or her. The rental rate must be agreed upon by all parties. The senior must have a negative TB test no older than 6 months. The responsible party must complete all of the state required documents. These documents can be found by clicking here.

Q. What are resident to staff ratios?
A. There is one staff member to every 2-3 residents depending on the residents level of care.

Q. Is there a certified manager / administrator on duty?
A. Yes the manager is regularly available on site and by appointment.

Q. Are caregivers available 24 hours a day?
A. Yes caregivers are available 24 hours a day to assist with residents needs.

Q. Can residents continue to see their own doctor?
A. Yes. We are a non medical facility. We do however have doctors that we trust and could recommend.

Q. Are the grounds and the building(s) neat and clean?
A. We keep a neat, clean, and odder free facility.

Q. Is the menu balanced and appealing, and are special request allowed?
A. Our menu is posted for the month and you are welcome to review it at any time. Special request are allowed and items that are not in our budget can be provided by the resident and cooked by our staff.

Q. How much time do residents have to eat their meals?
A. As much time as they need.

Q. Do they have substitutes if a resident does not like the meal?
A. Yes each meal has a substitution.

Q. What is facility policy on holding a bed if a resident leaves the home for hospitalization or vacation?
A. The hold is full price of the month. However we will work with you to meet your financial needs.

Q. What are visiting hours?
A. Visiting Hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm However we can make special arrangements for out of town visitors and work schedules. Please set an appointment for after hours visiting.

Q. Are resident permitted to access to the outdoors, get beverages, use the telephone, rest, etc. on their own?
A. Yes they are. We are happy to assist or not assist depending on the residents desire.

Q. Can residents go to bed at night and get up in the morning when they choose?
A. Residents are encouraged to be on a schedule and the time that works best for the resident and care provider will be worked out during their assessment. But the short answer is yes.

Q. Who arranges doctor appointments?
A. Usually the family will arrange these appointments and let us know details. However in some cases there are no family or friends available. In this case the manager/ administrator/ care providers will arrange and transport the resident to appointments.

Q. Who manages resident medication?
A. The care providers will manage and distribute the medications. All medications are stored in a locked case.

Q. What are the added expenses? (service plan, transportation, personal items, beautician)
A. Transportation, personal items, beautician, and continence items.

Q. Can resident decorate rooms with personal belongings?
A. Yes they are encouraged to do so.

Q. Do you allow pets?
A. Sorry no we don't allow pets at the care homes.

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