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reviewed by Diana A. on Jan 27 2017 03:21:11 PM

I sometimes become skeptical over Yelp reviews wondering who is actually writing them. What I'm about to write is from the heart and if anything, I've understated the facts. If you have ever had to go through the process of finding suitable care for a loved one then you already know what a nightmare that can be. Their are facility owners who highly exaggerate their level of care, unqualified staff and unsuitable living conditions not to mention abuse. After several disastrous and dangerous attempts at placements for my Great Aunt and Mother, God blessed our family with Genesis Care Home for The Elderly in Vallejo. My Great Aunt was in her late 90's and my Mother suffered from Vascular Dementia. We had removed them from an unsuitable care facility and moved them right into Genesis Care Home after just one meeting with Sharon, the owner. After what my Mom and Aunt had been through, I was very direct in telling Sharon what level of care we were looking for and Sharon was equally honest and forthcoming about the level of care she provided and her philosophy on the care for the elderly. Let me start with the word Compassion. No matter how disoriented, difficult or delusional my mother or aunt became, the entire staff always remained compassionate, respectful and loving. The staff came into their rooms with a smile and spent many hours just laughing and talking with them. They took the time to ask them questions about their lives and treated them like family. My Mom even gave them each nicknames. We are a very large family who would drop by all the time unannounced and always Mom and Auntie were clean, bathed and very well fed. The food that was prepared for them was spectacular....and I'm a retired Caterer! Anytime of the day, the residents can help themselves to snacks or fresh fruit. During the Holidays and their birthdays the spread they put out is unbelievable and all family members are not only welcomed but encouraged to stay and join in. Genesis actually took the time to find out what my Moms favorite foods and T.V. programs were and made sure both were provided. The staff regularly took the time to call and express their concerns over medications, behavioral changes or their general happiness and comfort so as a team, we could make whatever adjustments were necessary to make their daily lives better. Both my Aunt and Mom have passed now, but I will continue to stop by for a visit to Genesis Care Home, to visit this very special place, and this group of phenomenal ladies. I am forever grateful, Diana A.

reviewed by Claudia Abernathy on May 18 2015 09:35:58 PM

I can't say enough good things about Genesis Care Home! Due to my 56 year old, daughter-in-law debilitating condition she needed to stay in a nearby, reliable, care home that had an impeccable reputation. Genesis took extremely good care of her from her arrival to her recent passing; she was always clean, well fed, engaged in activities & the owner would take her out on outings. Genesis Care Home is clean, organized, well staffed and comes highly recommended. Thank you Sharon and staff for taking care of my daughter-in-law.

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